Graffiato Cocktail Ring


Image of Graffiato Cocktail Ring

The Graffiato Cocktail Ring was hand carved from wax and is cast in either solid bronze or sterling silver. Available in sizes 6-10.

The inspiration for this collection came from my growing love for street art and graffiti. As I've slowly began traveling the world I've come to recognize the works of many street artists and as I've become more familiar, I've discovered how much I love being on a completely different side of the globe and finding someone's work I recognize. That contradictory feeling of the familiar and the unfamiliar colliding is amazing. We're all here trying to leave little pieces of "us" and the Graffiato Collection was created as a reminder to scratch away your name in everything you do, to leave your mark in this beautiful world.

Made in New York City. Conceptualized from across the world.

Each piece is made to order and unique. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to be completed and shipped.